Modular kitchen shutters

Shutter Shops in Bangalore has an in-house manufacturing facility where a wide range of about 500+ shades in shutters is manufactured to suit all types of kitchen designs. Manufactured, using the best quality raw materials, these shutters deliver the perfect combination of convenience and style. Available in various colors and designs, these shutters look forward to decorating your spaces with ingenuity that's unmatched.
Choose from a wide variety of shutters in different finishes and colours. Whether you like a vibrant shade or paler, sophisticated hues, high gloss or matt surface, we offer durable, aesthetic and elegant options that suit your preference.
Shutters are an essential element in kitchen design. The type and colour of cabinet shutters have the potential to make or break the look of your favourite room. When choosing kitchen shutters, there are three important things to consider: 
  • Laminate Shutter

  • Membrane Shutters

  • Lacquered Glass Shutter

  • Crystal Glass Shutters

  • Crystal Glossy Finish

  • Matt Lacquered

  • Anti-Scratch Laminate Shutter

  • Acrylic Matt shutters



Perhaps, the most common and expensive mistake when it comes to choosing shutters is opting for the wrong material. The kitchen is a space that sees a lot of water usage as well as wear and tear. If you choose shutters of the wrong material, you are likely to end up with decomposed or chipped shutters that mar the look and functionality of your kitchen. Durable options include Laminate, Membrane, Lacquered, Crystal Glass Shutters.



As the leading modular kitchen shutters manufacturer in Bangalore and cities across the country, Shutter Shop features a number of different finishes – from multi-coloured laminates and Create a space that is reflective with high gloss finishes or elegant with matt options.



Your kitchen reflects your personality. Go bold or understated, opt for pastels or dark shades – whatever you choose, Shutter Shop ensures that you get a completely coordinated kitchen.